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OMG, I love HIMYM so much. This was such a great episode. All the Barney/Robin scenes were awesome, and the B-plot was good too ("Lady-hips!"). I wish we could have gotten to see Robin's video resume, but at least Barney's was hilarious.

Then again, with NPH singing, talking in a British accent (with a wee bit of Scottish), and wearing jodhpurs, how could it go wrong? LOL. Speaking of that accent, it just reminded me once again how David Anders NEEDS to guest-star on HIMYM. He could be Barney's British cousin or something.

As for Gossip Girl...I actually thought this was a pretty good episode, considering how mad a lot of the characters make me. Seriously, I hate Dan, Ms. Carr, Nelly Yuki, and Lily/Rufus. Although I was glad to see SOMEONE point out how Ms. Carr was being inappropriate even if nothing sexual was happening between her and Dan, even if it was Rufus.

The Chuck stuff was kind of boring, but I'm hoping that this means we will get to find out more about Bart. It definitely has the potential to be interesting though.
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