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How Dickensian

Gossip Girl was great tonight. The three weeks or whatever went by a lot quicker than I expected them to.

Although I'm hoping nothing happened between Jack and Blair, and I doubt they're going to ~go there~ anyway, it would be...interesting if they did. I'm just going to assume for the time being though that the promo is misleading. I mean, maybe Blair got really drunk, Jack propositioned her, and they made out or something, but IDK about sex. For all of the OMFG SO SCANDALOUS promotion the show gets, it usually doesn't live up to that reputation. I mean, there's barely even been any sex this season!

With that conversation between Blair and Serena in the hallway, I thought that Blair was about to tell Serena about her bulimia relapsing again or something (just speculation, but definitely a possibility IMO), not about anything between her and Jack. Blair tends to keep quiet about such things (ex: Serena not even finding out that Blair and Nate slept together until Blair's pregnancy scare), and besides, they were out in public! But who knows.

The look on Dorota's face after Blair told off the society ladies was amazing. I love how she's been getting so much more screentime this season. Blair was unnecessarily snippy to her at times, but I guess she was pretty stressed.

LMAO, Hazel was kind of awesome tonight. Penelope is really annoying, but I pretty much like the other two "mean girls".

Serena's sudden change of heart involving Chuck was so confusing. I guess now she cares about how Blair is feeling, and it's less about Chuck, but idek.

And I honestly didn't even realize that there wasn't any Nate until after the show ended. I was happy once I noticed that though. LOL.
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