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My Top 10 Supernatural Episodes

So, I started watching Supernatural like a month ago? Anyway, it was kind of reluctantly at first, because I watched the pilot a while ago and found it incredibly boring, plus I'm not really a fan of the horror genre, but since I decided to start the show because of Dean/Castiel, I actually had incentive to keep going this time. LOL.

The first three seasons were pretty good, but seasons 4 and 5 are definitely my favorites (as evidenced by this post). Not only because of Castiel and Dean/Cas (although that's obviously a huge part of it), but because I really loved the Apocalypse storyline and the fact that there were less stand-alone MOTW episodes during those seasons. Despite the fact that I basically watch shows of every single genre, including lots of crime shows, my favorites are always the more serialized ones (ex: Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Veronica Mars, etc.) so I was glad to see Supernatural take that turn.

Anyway, once I got all caught up, I ended up buying S4 and S5 on DVD, and decided to picspam my top 10 episodes. I already posted them all on tumblr, but picture quality isn't the best there, and my picspams don't look so good compressed, I decided to post them here as well. From the episodes and screencaps I chose, a lot of my opinions about the show become pretty obvious (quite a few Carver and Edlund episodes, LOTS of Dean, lots of Cas, not much Sam, and the aforementioned fact that seasons 4 and 5 are my favorites), but I would love to know y'all's opinions as well! :)

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Again, like I said, all of these are posted on my tumblr, and of course feel free to like/reblog, but please don't repost them or anything. :)
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Alias Season 1 Picspam (1 of 2)

So, on tumblr there's this "one screencap per episode" meme going around, and I decided to pick Alias. But since it's pretty much impossible for me to just pick one, and because I found an awesome gallery of HQ screencaps, I decided to just pick my favorite caps from each episode and spam them.

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Part 2 will be coming later.
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I haven't updated in so long...

Anyway, since I last posted, really not that much in my life has happened, other than my family moving back to Illinois from California. :| I really wish we didn't move, but at least I'm somewhere that I already know people so I have some friends.

Other that that, basically all I've done is go to school and watch tv shows. I'm taking this semester off though, so I'm trying really hard to get a job.

But seriously, I've watched so many amazing tv shows that I hadn't seen before: The X-Files, The O.C., The Vampire Diaries, NCIS, Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Firefly, Castle, Justified, 10 Things I Hate About You, Roswell, Criminal Minds, and especially The West Wing, which is just...perfection.

I've been neglecting LJ mostly because of tumblr, so y'all should follow me there!

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LOL wow, I haven't updated in so long.

There are so many TV shows I need to catch up on, but the past couple of weeks I have been on such a Bones kick. I had stopped watching after the season 4 premiere because I was so disappointed by the whole Zach thing and Angela and Hodgins breaking up, but last weekend I caught up with all the episodes I had missed, and I'm glad I did.

This past Monday, I went to the SYTYCD tour in Los Angeles, and it was amazing. Season 5 wasn't my favorite, but Jeanine is the first winner I have ever been 100% happy about, which is part of why I decided to go to the tour. All of the banter in between routines got a bit old, but I loved getting to see so many of my favorite dances from the season. The cast of the current season was there too, but I haven't seen episodes from it yet, so I wasn't as excited as I might have been otherwise.

Well...I think that's all for now. Do any of y'all have Tumblr accounts? If so, feel free to link me so I can follow you. :)

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The other day I went to Target, and I bought seasons 1, 2, and 4 of Alias for only $40! As in, they were only like $13 each! I swear, every single time I go to Target, I discover more reasons why it's the best store ever.

And then I went on IMDb earlier because I wanted to look up someone I recognized, and apparently David Anders is gonna be on 24 next season! NGL, I only watched like 4 episodes of season 7, and it apparently sucked, but I still love the show, and I'm totally gonna watch. He's not gonna be playing a British guy for once (*single tear*), but it should still be interesting.

On a final note, I must say that amazingly enough, I somehow managed to forget just how beautiful David Anders is. Those crappy streaming videos of Alias are nothing in comparison to my DVDs, and it's amazing.
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day four

Today was LOTS of fun. Among other things, I:

- Went to see 17 Again, which was hilarious and adorable and awesome.
- Got Panda Express for dinner - yum Beijing Beef and Orange Chicken
- Read the last Jessica Darling book Perfect Fifths, which was...pretty much perfect, if you forgive the pun. ;) It was quite a bit shorter than the other four books, which I was disappointed about at first, but I loved it and the ending, so I'm satisfied.
- Bought my ticket for X-Men for next week. I'm looking forward to the movie and I'm totally excited to see Taylor Kitsch on the big screen.
- Speaking of big screens, they're putting in an I-Max screen or whatever it is at my theater, which should be cool.

On a totally different note, I'm not a fan of RPS, like at all, but I've been loving all these interviews with Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine for Star Trek, and between this, and the video below, they just make it so easy. ;)

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day 3

Yes, it's not exactly day three, but just go with it. Today actually wasn't a bad day.

- I got out of my second class early, so I didn't have to run to catch the bus.
- I watched the last two weeks' episodes of American Idol, as well as last week's Lost. For like the first half of Lost, I totally forgot that Jack even existed, and it was the most glorious thing ever.
- Perfect Fifths (the last Jessica Darling book by Megan McCafferty) is on hold for me at the library! I've been waiting for this for months, and I'm so excited.
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i fail

So I was supposed to be doing that meme, but the past few days I haven't been able to think of things that made me happy (pathetic as that might sound), and so I just skipped it. Let's just pretend that today (well, yesterday, but w/e) is actually the second day that I was doing it.

- I got a 95% on my PolySci paper that I wrote the night before! Whoohoo! I could have gotten a little bit better score if I had remembered a title page, but I'm not complaining.
- I finally joined Facebook, after resisting it for a while, and I got to talk to some of my friends. :)
- True Blood S2 Promo Clip! Unfortunately I'd already seen it (albeit in lower quality), but still, I'm definitely excited for June.
- I watched Hamlet 2, which is a really hilariously awesome movie.

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memes are better than sleeping?

So, I should probably be asleep right now because I have my early class tomorrow, but discolemonaaade tagged me for that "things that make you happy" meme, and I actually have some stuff to write about, so I'm getting this done.

- I got money in the mail from my godfather! For some reason I guess he always mistakes my half-birthday for my actual birthday, because it's like 6 months until September, but then he'll end up sending me a card at my birthday too, so idek.
- My mom bought me some Sour Patch Kids for no reason.
- I'm done with this week of hell! I totally procrastinated during all of spring break and I had three papers due this week, but I finished the last one tonight so I am stress-free for school tomorrow. (Well technically today, but I don't count it as the next day until I go to sleep.)
- Dates for the American Idol tour came out today, and so hopefully I can go to the Staples Center on July 16.
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Umm, can it be June 14 already? I just got into True Blood last week, and I watched the whole season in two days. I can't wait for the second season, especially if they're really going to get through both book 2 and 3 during it.

ETA: Oh, and I love Photobucket's new, totally easy tagging system. So much better than it used to be.
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OMGOMGOMGOMG, Friday Night Lights got renewed for TWO seasons!!! I'm so happy right now. :D Apparently Tyra and Lyla are not going to be coming back as regulars, which is too bad, but honestly, as long as Eric and Tami are on the show, I'll watch it, so I'm not too upset. My only worry is that as the show goes on, the quality might decrease, but last season was a MASSIVE improvement over S2, so hopefully that won't happen.

Everyone who hasn't watched this show really should. Even if you don't like football, it is one of the best shows I've ever seen, and is still going strong after its third season. I'm not going to spoil anything for people who are watching it on NBC or might want to watch it in the future, but the S3 finale set up some really interesting storylines that I'm excited to see play out, so this is such awesome news.