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Alias Season 1 Picspam (1 of 2)

So, on tumblr there's this "one screencap per episode" meme going around, and I decided to pick Alias. But since it's pretty much impossible for me to just pick one, and because I found an awesome gallery of HQ screencaps, I decided to just pick my favorite caps from each episode and spam them.

1x01 - "Truth Be Told"

1x02 - "So It Begins"

1x03 - "Parity"

1x04 - "A Broken Heart"

1x05 - “Doppelgänger”

1x06 - "Reckoning"

1x07 - "Color-Blind"

1x08 - “Time Will Tell”

1x09 - "Mea Culpa"

1x10 - "Spirit"

1x11 - "The Confession"

Part 2 will be coming later.
Tags: alias, david anders, meme, picspam, screencaps
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