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So, it's been a long time since I last posted (over a month), but I FINALLY SAW RENT, so I have to post/gush! LOL.

Last Thursday was such a great day. Unfortunately T/Th are the days where I have my early class (at 9:30. LOL), but my last class got canceled, so I decided to just go down to Hollywood early. It's surprisingly easy to get there - I just have to take the bus which stops right by my school and then make one transfer and it takes me to literally just around the corner from the Pantages.

What I did to kill time">So since I had like 4 hours until Rent started, I decided to walk to the El Capitan and see the Jonas Brothers 3D movie again, which was fun. The movie is of course eye candy galore, despite the egregious omission of I'm Gonna Getcha Good. I loved Joe's hair SO much last summer.

Beforehand this guy was giving out random prizes/merchandise, and since there was only like 10 people in the whole theater, I got this t-shirt (dark purple with the movie title/release date on it; kind of lame, but whatever, it was free) and a JONAS notebook. Plus when I was leaving, I got this poster for JONAS, which was kind of cool. Here are a couple of pictures. Sorry for the glare, but I don't think it's too bad:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The movie got done at 6:00, so I still had like an hour and an half of time to kill, and I ended up just walking around Hollywood and Highland for a while before getting dinner (chicken nuggets at Mickey D's b/c I had a coupon) and walking back to the Pantages.

They let you go into the lobby of the theater starting at 7:00, and then into the actual theater at 7:30, so I was sitting around really hyper for like 45 minutes before the show actually started.

I had been a little worried that I wasn't going to get to see Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal (since there's always illnesses, injuries - like whatever it was that kept Adam from going on at all while the tour was in Denver - and other stuff), but thankfully all was well and they were both there. Standbys were on for Joanne and Mrs. Jefferson/Female vocalist in Seasons of Love, but I was fine with that.

So now on to the actual show...seriously idek how to put into words how amazing it was. A lot of my favorite songs are in the first half of the show (One Song Glory, Will I?, Christmas Bells, Another Day, I'll Cover You), so I was kind of sad to get them over so quickly, but then again I love practically every song in this show except for Out Tonight and Over The Moon, and even those they still have some good parts.

The acting and singing were both really good, and I definitely wasn't disappointed. At first I thought Anthony and Adam's voices (both speaking and singing) sounded a lot different than what I was used to (which is of course completely natural, because I was hearing them live), but I changed my mind as the show progressed. I seriously love Adam's voice sfm, and he sounds like just as good live as he does on the various cast recordings and albums I've heard him on. I also loved the whole energy of the show and the audience and everything. There are those moments like before Today 4 You and La Vie Boheme where you can just tell how excited the audience is, which was awesome.

For me, getting into the show was an...interesting experience. I've listened to the cast recording and movie soundtrack a countless number of times and watched bootlegs and of course the movie (which is actually what got me into RENT in the first place), so I don't know if was because I am SO familiar with it or what, despite never having seen it live before, but for about the first half, I wasn't really as immersed in the show emotionally as I expected to be. But then once it got to I'll Cover You (Reprise) and Angel's funeral, I finally felt the way I thought I was going to, and that's when I started crying. So sad. :( I love that song so much though.

The actors did a great job, and while I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of Anthony Rapp, I like him better now that I've seen him live. He was hilariously awesome in Tango: Maureen. The idea of a bleach blonde Maureen sounds kind of odd on paper, but it worked. LOLOL, speaking of bleach, Adam's hair practically looked white under the lights. I guess the bleached hair makes him look younger, but I like him better with what I'm assuming is his natural hair color.

Thankfully there weren't very many annoying people around me like there was when I saw Wicked. Someone tall was sitting in front of me, but they didn't really obstruct my view. Although, there was this girl who kept leaving and coming back, which I don't get at all. I mean, WHY would you get up and go somewhere when Adam Pascal is about to sing One Song Glory, AKA one of my favorite songs ever?! And then she left for good during What You Own. LOL idgi at all. But whatevs.

So now I have two musicals left to go see at the Pantages - Grease a week from Thursday, and then Legally Blonde at the end of August. I'm also going to go see West Side Story at the beginning of May, because they're doing it at Villanova this year! I'm kind of disappointed that they didn't do WSS while I was still in high school, but I'm almost more excited to just be able to WATCH for once.

Anyway...I think that's all for now. I'm in the computer lab rn, because I don't have my last class until 2:15, so I decided I should finish this post up (which I started on Friday. LOL).
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