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LOL Lost

So I just joined lost_dazzle the other day, and I was watching a bunch of funny Lost videos. These two are definitely the funniest. The first one is Ben/Locke (btw, why do fans of that call it "Bocke"? "Blocke" is so much better. LOL), and I'm assuming it's supposed to be funny. The other one is Sayid/Claire, and it's pretty much just funny because of the randomness of it.

Also, OMG, I just watched that special feature called "The Oceanic Six: A Conspiracy of Lies", and I loved it SFM. Conspiracy theories have always interested me, and it was cool to see all the huge holes in the O6's story. I must say, I never thought of the whole...cannibalism thing. LOL. I must say though that if this was real, I would totally be convinced by it.
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