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Happy New Year!

Unlike a lot of people, 2008 was pretty great for me. I graduated, turned 18, voted for the first time, got my own room (for the first time in 18 years), got a laptop, saw Wicked, and more stuff that I can't recall. I don't know how 2009 is going to turn out, but I'm going to be optimistic.

Normally I don't make New Year's resolutions, but I decided to try this year.

1. Get more sleep! This is something I really need, so I'm going to try and go to bed by like 1 am on school nights and nights where I have to be up early the next morming. I'll probably fail, but at least I don't have to start until February.
2. Not spend so much time on my computer. This is linked with the not-sleeping, so hopefully these can go together.
3. Read at least one book a week. As a result of spending so much time on the computer, I barely ever read anymore. Although it of course only takes me a couple hours to read something, hopefully this will be a motivation for #2.
4. Eat more healthily. Or if I can't do that, at least stop eating so much junk food.
5. I'm gonna try that "watch 200 movies in a year". So far I'm on one and a half. Last night I watched Mysterious Skin (which OMG, was so sad. :() and started Brick (yes, I'm on a JGL kick rn. LOL).
6. Catch up on all the TV shows I need to - Dexter, Nip/Tuck, Heroes, Bones, and Ugly Betty.
7. Last but most definitely not least, try and think before I speak. I can control myself online, but I'd like to be a better person for my family to be around, and this is the best way to do so.

Hopefully I'll manage to keep most of these, and if anyone has movie recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

ETA: I obviously didn't mean 500 movies. WTF, that would be impossible. LOL.
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