Freckles (freckles929) wrote,

happiness meme - day six

1. My siblings and I got our yearly package from my aunt. She always bakes us a bunch of different kinds of cookies and sends us a few DVDs. This year we got Toy Story (since we only have it on VHS) and National Treasure 2. Although personally I prefer Toy Story 2, I love both of those movies. The history/conspiracy theories in National Treasure is so interesting to me. Plus Riley is adorable, and I want the main girl's wardrobe.

2. After searching at like 3 different stores, I managed to find some thick tights. Seriously, why do they make footless tights in every single color of the rainbow, but I can't even find like one pair of normal black tights? As Blair Waldorf said, "TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS". ;) Anyway, I got some black knit tights, as well as some adorable red ones with silver snowflakes. And no, they're not as tacky as they sound. LOL.

3. Chocolate covered pretzels + marshmallows = yumminess. My mom bought a bag of big marshmallows, so I decided to try just eating some with my pretzels, and it was really good. Sort of like a variation on s'mores, but with pretzels instead of graham crackers, and not warmed up.

4. Music! Here are some songs I'm loving at the moment:

- Colors of the Wind (from Pocahontas) by Sara Ramirez (Yes from Grey's Anatomy, but she's also a Tony-Award winning actress and has a beautiful voice).

- No Good Deed by Eden Epinosa (I have practically been listening to Wicked non-stop since I went to see it last Friday. LOL)

- A Change Is Gonna Come by Matt Doyle from Spring Awakening (and recently Gossip Girl). He absolutely KILLS it. So good.
Tags: food, gossip girl, meme, movies, real life, spring awakening
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