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it's been a while

Wow, it's been like a month since I last posted. Sorry for that. I've been really busy with school and other stuff, but now I'm done! So hopefully I'll be able to update more.

Anyway, I discovered today that sadeyedsmile tagged me for that 8 Days of Happiness meme, so I guess I'll start today. Here is some stuff that made me happy.

1. Being done with finals! IDK how I did, but they're over with for now, and I'm off from school until February 9. Yay for community colleges?

2. I didn't have to wait very long for the bus. I hate it when I have to wait like 20 minutes because I JUST miss the bus. (Especially when it comes while I'm waiting to cross the street to get to the bus stop. Yes, unfortunately that has happened many times.)

3. A new episode of FNL! I love that show SFM, and I can't believe that there's only 2 more episodes of this season (and maybe ever!)

This episode was so heartbreaking and so good. Just like basically every episode, but this one stood out. The stuff with JD and his dad was so powerful, and I'm really glad JD finally stood up for himself.

I've always loved Tim/Lyla, ever since S1, so I've been loving their relationship all season. When I was reading spoilers before S3 started, I didn't think that they were going to last as a couple, but now I'm getting more optimistic. Tim is such an awesome boyfriend, and the "I'm kind of madly in love with you" part was SO adorable

Anything with Matt and his grandma always makes me sad, and this episode is no exception. I wonder if she's actually going to be put into a home or not. :( I don't really like the actress who plays Matt's mom (and she'll always be Cassidy from Lost to me), but that character has gotten better.

I was sad to see no Julie or Matt/Julie, and there wasn't enough of Eric and Tami, but the stuff they had was great. It will be interesting to see what will happen with the redistricting.

Finally, Mindy and Billy crack me up so much, and I liked Tyra in this episode. Her scene with Angela at the end totally made me cry.

4. NPH is hosting SNL when it comes back in January! That show hasn't been very good for a while, but I will still watch it for him. I hope there is a Dr. Horrible sketch! Speaking of which, I finally watched Dr. Horrible last week, and I love it so much! NPH has such a good voice and he was so adorable.

5. David Cook covering Hunger Strike again! That is one of my absolute favorite covers that he has done, and I love that he has Andy Skib in his band so that they can sing this again (if you'd like to compare, here is David singing it with the Midwest Kings pre-Idol).

6. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I'm so looking forward to this movie. It looks pretty good, and I'm excited to see Taylor Kitsch on the big screen. :) And I find Hugh Jackman so hot as Wolverine.
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