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OMG, so I went to see HSM 3 this morning, and it was SOOO good. I'm definitely going to go see it again, even if I have to take my little sister with me. LOL.

I definitely think this was the best of the three movies. It was nice that they had a larger budget and stuff, and the music was really good. There were like 3 parts that were my favorite.

I loved I Want It All because of all the theatrics and costumes and everything, and because Ryan and Sharpay are fierce. I laughed so hard at Troy being Sharpay's #1 fan or whatever.

I loved The Boys Are Back because...IDK, I liked the dancing? LOL, well tbh, one of the main reasons I liked it so much because of how HOT Zefron looked in the plaid shirt and bandana. Mmmmm. And bb Troy and Chad were so adorable!

Finally, I loved Scream because it's my favorite song from the movie, and it was full of lolz. IDK which was better, Bet on It or Scream, but it's a close race.

I really loved Ryan in this movie too, and was definitely amused by how they were still kind of trying to convince us that he's straight...while he's wearing pink leather pants. LMAO. Well, at least he only asked Kelsi to the prom because Sharpay told him too. Oh, and I was SO happy that Ryan got the scholarship at the end of the movie. He deserved it. :)

Did anyone else notice that Gabriella was wearing dresses like the whole movie, except for the scene where Troy shows up at Stanford? I thought that was kinda weird, but ngl, I'd love her wardrobe. Was the dress she wore on the roof (bluish flowers with cinched sleeves) when it rained from American Eagle? Because I went there after the movie, and I swear I saw a dress that looked just like it.

And the one other thing I thought was weird was how Martha (and maybe Taylor? I don't remember) were cheerleaders. That was random.

LOL, and since I am pathetic, and the subject matter of this movie is still kind of close to my heart (because I just graduated last year), the movie made me cry more than I'd like to admit. But it was still amazing.

I'm sure there will be more that I remember later, so don't be surprised if I write more about this later. :)
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