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Happy Birthday to Me!

Yay, I'm 18 today! All things considered, I had a pretty good day. I made the 2:15 bus after school (which unfortunately doesn't always happen, and then I have to wait for 20 minutes in the boiling hot sun for the next one), which automatically put me in a good mood.

I'm still mad that our oven doesn't work, because I didn't get a homemade cake, but we bought a chocolate one with strawberries on it, and it was pretty good. And for dinner, we had grilled bacon and cheddar cheeseburgers (with the bacon and cheese mixed in with the hamburger) and barbecue chips. Yummy.

Unfortunately I didn't really get any good presents, but I didn't really expect to, since as late as last night, my mom didn't know what she was gonna get. LOL. I got a cute pink zip hoodie and the latest Heroes magazine. I might exchange the magazine though, because $10 can be spent on better things.

Speaking of which, Heroes is tonight! Yay, in like 2 hours. Meanwhile though, I've been watching Dexter, and it's SO good. I'm on episode 2.07, but I should probably be caught up by tomorrow. LOL. As much as I like it though, the female characters are mostly annoying. Well, Lila and Rita are. Although I think it's more Julie Benz that annoys me about Rita, because I've never liked her, and I can't stand her voice. I probably wouldn't mind Rita if she was played by a different actress, but whatever. I quite like Deb though, I think.
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