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my top 25

Yes, another meme. LOL, I just can't resist them. Especially ones as easy as this. Basically it's just "list your iTunes top 25". I'm too lazy to do that, so I just made a screencap of it. As you can see, it's basically all David Cook, JoBros, and muscials:

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And on a different music-related note, I downloaded Demi's CD, and...meh. The songs are kind of bland and unmemorable to me (I honestly can't recall how any of them sound), and I can't stand Demi's voice. I hate how it's all affected and breathy. And the duet with JB? I much preferred This Is Me. As a whole, this CD doesn't even come close to Breakout or A Little Bit Longer.

As for a CD I *am* looking forward to, I can't wait for David Cook's to come out. We get the first single "soon" (hopefully this week), and the album drops on November 18. I'm feeling very confident about it, because with Cookie writing all of his own songs, getting Rob Cavallo as a producer and seemingly almost complete creative control, not to mention having such an amazing voice, I would be shocked if he isn't successful.
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