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quick update

So I've been trying to post something all week, but I never have the time, so this is just going to be quick and short right now. :)

I started college this week. :/ My classes seem okay (English, Philosophy, U.S. History, Music Appreciation, and hopefully Journalism, if I can get into it). Nothing really exciting at the moment, although there *is* a guy in my Phil class who totally looks like Mohinder. I'm getting more exercise than usual (as in, any at all) because I have to walk all the way across campus to the bus stop, and then from the closest bus stop to my house. It's not that bad now, although I probably will get sunburned eventually, but I better not have to do that in the winter. LOL.

As for my TV shows, Bones and Gossip Girl came back this week. I'm going to be making a separate post for most of my thoughts on GG, but let me just say here that I loved it. As for Bones? Ugh. I really am trying to like it. But now not only did they make Zach a killer and Booth really annoying, they broke up Angela and Hodgins?! All I have to say is that they BETTER get back together, otherwise I am going to be so pissed.

And this is really random, but I've really been on a Spring Awakening kick this last week, and I've been watching some YouTube videos, and I have to say that the FCC censoring rules really confuse me. I watched the medley the cast of Spring Awakening performed at the Tony's and I don't get why they would bleep "ass" and not "bitch". The latter seems to be more bad of a word. And then they replaced one of the lyrics in The Bitch of Living and I don't get why what they sang there is any less bad either. But whatever. LOL.

So expect more posts from me in the next day or so, as I still have to do my GG review, and I have some memes to finish.
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